Semester in Spain

As you can see from the title, this blog is all about my semester in Spain! I will be living in Santiago de Compostela for the next four months, so this blog is a way for me to document my experience while sharing it with family and friends.

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Toledo, Spain (by Miroslav Petrasko)

So this may seem kind of weird, but normally, after having spent a good portion of time abroad you will experience culture shock when you return home.  One of our professors in Spain had taught for a few years in the States and she told us that the first time she came home to Spain, she was angry with the world for about a week.  And my friend who studied in Spain in the fall semester, went home for winter break and then came back in the spring told me that she about died when she entered Target for the first time in four months.

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…that I haven’t posted anything in a ridiculously long time, and I apologize for that.  I spent my last week packing, and studying, and hanging out with friends, and then I got home…did nothing but read for a week and then headed out to school for graduation/to see all my friends, and then this past week I started working again and started my summer internship (which I love), so I may have forgotten about my blog for a bit. 

But I do still have a lot to post and I promise I will keep doing it over the summer, starting with this next post about reverse culture shock.


I went to Barcelona last weekend…but I will not be writing about that…yet.  In fact I will not be writing about anything (probably) for the next thirteen days.  Why?  Because I only have about 12 days left here, and they will be filled with school (tests, projects, homework, etc.) and going out with friends.  So because I want to make use of the time I have left here, when I have down time between either school and friends, I hope I am sleeping.

That being said, I just wanted to let everyone know that I am only on a short hiatus and that I will continue posting when I get home, because I have a lot more to post.


Baking in someone else’s kitchen, with a recipe that you converted to the metric system, and heavily improvising in terms of measuring utensils results in very odd but I guess decent chocolate chip cookies…

Haha yes!!


Cangas de Onis, Asturias, Spain (by palmeraimperial)


Streets of Girona, Spain (by ToniVC)

Juan Carlos apologizing for his hunting mishap…

"I am very sorry, I’ve committed an error and it won’t happen again"

And the money goes to the one who can guess which one he is referring to!

      A: I won’t kill elephants again.

      B: I will no longer accept gifts.

      C. I won’t break my hip again.

      D. I will no longer go out to party in moments of crisis